Duzeltas Marble Construction Transportation Industry and Trade Limited Company

Duzeltas Marble was founded in 2004 by Halil İbrahim Düzel, our present chairman of the board. Our company, which carries out production, sales and application of concrete structural component in Aksehir district of Konya, has successfully carried out contract works for both public and private institutions and organizations in infrastructure and superstructure sector.

Our company, which always attach importance to industry and employment, added a new one to its investments in 2017, and has allocated a land in Kütahya 1.OSB and established a factory with an area of 3.500 m² on an area of 18.500 m². It started to provide service with machines with cutting-edge technology and professional team capable of providing natural stone-marble cutting, sizing and all surface treatments by supplying raw materials from marble quarries located in Kütahya and surrounding provinces.

Our company, which always cares customer needs and demands, continues its R&D activities in order to provide the highest quality service. In the light of our vision, we plan to make high quality of our products permanent in the marble sector in which we have just started to provide services. Our company, which has been gaining experience day by day with its young and dynamic staff, aims to be only address of unique projects, and to contribute to our country exportation by exporting marble and marble products to Europe, America, Central Asia and Arab countries which are importing natural stone from our country.

Our Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction: To listen, understand and meet the needs and demands of our customers; to achieve perfection by providing customer satisfaction with suitable and economical solutions.

Being Leader in Technology: To become a leader in technology in our fields of activity with new methods and continuous improvement approach and to ensure that the areas in which we conduct R&D activities are raised to the internationally competitive levels.

Participation of Employees: Our joint effort is to create integrity in all areas by providing effective participation with honesty, trust and sense of responsibility that we provide within the framework of our quality policy by prioritising the occupational health and safety of employees, and to spread the sense of quality by setting goals.

Integration with Our Suppliers: As a result of innovative and creative approaches, to establish relations with our suppliers for customer satisfaction within the framework of stability and trust, to provide a perfect service and at the same time, to ensure the quality of the established relationship and service to be more efficient.

Social Responsibility: To be an exemplary organization in every sense by adopting the principle of protecting society, environment and natural resources; to contribute to the national economy providing domestic production and employment.